Woodstock's Bald Truth

Make Time

12 October 22, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock


OK here we go again, I had prepared a little written rant to put on here for today, that I wrote last thursday but then a couple of events left me thinking, I should keep that for another day, as today I wanna just briefly talk about the people in our lives.


On thursday evening I went out for Dinner to celebrate a real good friends 50th Birthday, now I have known him for 30+ years and in the beginning lets say we didn't get on and If someone had said then, that I would be good friends with him 30 years on, I would of said they were an idiot, but here we are. Then on Friday we had a gig and again I met up/caught up with some people I have not seen for 1, 2, 3 years, was good to catch up, and we left it that we wouldn't leave it as long, like you always do, and who knows maybe we would of kept in touch more, but I doubt it, then on sunday I got a phone call to say a friend I have not seen for 8 years had died, and along with the sadness and anger there was also Guilt at having not found the time to go see him, or pick up the phone or anything, and I know we all say well they didn't either but that's no excuse is it really?


So I know many people say this but I am going to really try to keep in touch with all those wonderful people I have met and I Love in this crazy world, and I do really cherish the friends/family I have gained/found over the years. For 8 years I had the opportunity to contact an old friend who I had spent a lot of time with and Now I cant ever again (unless the twat comes and haunts me, which would be cool) losing someone is bad enough, but when you have missed out on all that time just because you felt you could get to it one day, only to find that is not the case, well it leaves an empty patch inside you and I don't want any more of these, so in his memory I am gonna try and every now and then contact those I love but for one reason or another don't see, maybe you could do the same, Make Time they are worth it...