Woodstock's Bald Truth


12 July 15, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

Well here we go, this is my first and probably will be my shortest piece that will be entered, I count myself very lucky to have been given this opportunity to put some of my thoughts and opinions down in this little column (very brave of Vince too haha) But then ever since I got involved with the Studs and Punks website I have found that is very much Vince’s way, the site is about Punk, for Punks and everyone involved is either a punk or has a love of Punk and that for me makes this like a big old Punk Heart, pumping away and hopefully getting stronger, and that’s where everyone else comes in, yes that’s you, Support and Participation, how you do that is up to you but reading the reviews, commenting on them, writing reviews, going and seeing the bands, putting bands in touch with the site, buying the band merch, getting your band involved, writing gig reviews you have been too, interviews, putting us in touch with other sites doing the same thing so we can support and help them and vice versa, building this Punk family and just generally telling everyone else what punk rocking goodness is going on in your world.
There are lots of exciting things coming up in the S and P world first and foremost the New Website revamp is nearly done, well if your reading this it must be finished and the New Mobile Phone app for I-phone and Android that has been developed for Studs and Punks with a little help from Me and at Great expense to Vince.
This will be available free so you can upload your gig dates and check what gigs are going on anywhere in the country, so you don’t miss any of the amazing Talent that nightly is playing in our venues and pubs,
I for one am very excited about the prospect of this and hope that everyone gets behind it and builds in into the definitive guide to Live punk rock.

Anyway that’s it for this first entry have a good week and let me know what’s Punk rocking in your world.