Woodstock's Bald Truth


12 November 10, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

Ok as I said from time to time I will include one of these Rants highlighting a individual or Group that I feel are true Legends out there today, you may know of some yourselves and I encourage you to send me details of them.


as there strapline says,"IF ITS TOO LOUD YOUR TOO OLD"

Based in Greater Manchester a record and promotions company spanning the Last 3 decades, a dedicated and honest passionate group, whos aim is to support the bands of the UK and Overseas and get them the opportunities to be heard and seen, and all this while having a good time doing what they love.

Whether its managing a band, promoting a show, releasing a CD or creating some merchandise these guys give it 100% and they are growing at an incredible rate.

The website www.stprecords.co.uk is the Hub of the Organisation and there you can gain access to the bands, the shows, the merch and much more, add it to your bookmarks and have a look there is a constant array of things to see, read and buy. and the Roster of bands both UK and overseas is ever growing and expanding.

Stu Taylor himself is a very Lovable friendly little fella who I have only met on a few occasions but his passion and love of what he does and is involved in spews out of him and you cant help but be pulled in, he always gives 100% and his STP team the lovely ladys who run the stalls and generally do all the work at shows etc couldnt be nicer or friendlier and I love em we always have a good laff.

Now as always there are those insistant on trying to find the negative, those cynical twats that just cant let things be, but I did some exstensive digging before writing this and other than jealous bullshit and moaning for moaning sake I couldnt find anyone with a real bad word about these guys and I back that with my own experiences STP is not about making money as Stu always says its about spreading the knowledge of what he has found for the benefit of all and I for one raise my hat and bow my head in thanks that he is willing to do all this for the benefit of all of us, fucking top bloke and I say I stand by him and STP all the way.

I could rant on but I think you get the idea if you know of Stu and the STP team you will know what I mean, if you dont Please go have a look at the website ( www.stprecords.co.uk ) go to some of the STP shows and help keep this rocking.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts...