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I Play guitar/sing and write all the songs for Destruction Rock n Roll band BORN TO DESTRUCT.

I was born in Sheffield so I have that Northern friendliness and a keen interest in people I was lucky in that my best friends in the late 70s had older brothers, they got into punk etc and took me along for the ride so I got into the scene early 78 at the tender age of 13.

My first Live Punk experience was the RAMONES Hey ho what a Great first of many gigs seeing the RamonesI formed my first band in late 1979 and never looked back playing in several Punk and Oi bands until 1996 when I hung up the instruments and started to raise a family still continuing my love of the music and going to gigs

This was never going to last, it was 2007 when I got involved with running the VIVA LA PUNK CLUB in Cambridge this was very successful till the usual do-gooder twats shut us down, I then ran free gigs showcasing quality Punk, Ska, oi etc bands from around the UK in a Posh wine bar which took many a band by surprise. After 9 months this had out grown itself and so with a  friend Nick we then ran PUNK ON THE CORNER putting on Punk gigs from a small pub in Cambridge, after a while Nick had a disagreement with the landlady and so we stopped, I have put on some very successful fun shows at a couple of pubs in cambridge and even been back and put a couple on at the Corner house, I dont put on many now as I feel there are too many promoters as it is putting on shows that clash etc, but with pressure from others and my love of doing it I cant help doing the occasional one haha.

When not Playing in the band, promoting gigs or going to gigs, I have recently got back into writing after writing articles etc for several zines in the 80s and a couple of under ground newspapers its nice to re enter the written word arena.

I am passionate about Punk as you may be able to tell and the scene that is in many ways struggling at the minute and feel its important to support the bands/scene as much as I can New, old it matters not as long as the music is Good and the attitude right.

I dream of the day when those people in the Punk scene for all the wrong reasons *** off , there is so much talent out there But sadly the politics of Punk and all the other crap gets in the way, that and APATHY my pet hate against which I am at WAR. But I remain positive and every time I meet somebody who is as passionate and in Love with Punk as me (and there seem to be more and more of them) it pushes me to continue.

Punk is my life and always will be after 30 + years I still love it as much as the first day I heard it.

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