Interview with The Smears

October 28, 2012 by Admin

Who are The Smears?
C Doll: “The Smears are a 3 piece, all-girl punk/grunge band from Nottingham.”
Miss C: “We are Maimee V. - Guitars/Vox Miss C - Bass/vox C Doll – Drums.”

How did you all meet?
Miss C: “I wrote an advert in crayons a long time ago asking for some other girls to join a band with me and stuck it up in a local music shop in Nottingham, where I live. I’d just left yet another band full of idiot boys. A few girls got in touch and after a few line up changes with different drummers (isn't that always the case?) we finally met C Doll and we’ve been that way since. I play bass, Emma guitar and vocals and C Doll plays drums. We started gigging in 2002 and we are the best of friends – we’ve been likened to a gang, but we aren’t really – we just look out for each other (and don’t take any bullsh*t)!”

You released your second album Dirty Protest earlier this year, can you tell us all about the album?
Miss C: “The album is a necessary part in your cd collection. It is very dark. Completely different to our first album Hell in High Heels. And as always the tracks punch you in the face and leave you wondering what the hell happened all in 20 minutes for the entire album!”
C Doll: “Dirty Protest is our 2nd album and it was written around the time of the riots. There were a lot of changes going on with the country at the time and also in our private lives, so we channelled it into our practises and writing and came up with the songs for the album.”

Have been pleased with the response to the album?
C Doll: “We're really pleased with the response to the album so far. It is selling really well and we have been touring the songs throughout the UK and Europe this year where we have met a lot of new fans which is always nice. Our fans that are already familiar with our debut album, Hell In High Heels, have also given a really good response to Dirty Protest. It's always going to be difficult coming up with a second album because you find yourself constantly referring to the first one and hoping that it's going to be just as good if not better. We definitely achieved what we wanted to.”
Miss C: “We are very pleased. We have had lots of great reviews. Our sales have been from all over the world. It is good to know that we are really reaching people. Soon we are going to have to re order!”

Where can people get hold of it?

C Doll: “You can buy Dirty Protest from our online store the from Headcheck Music Group's site and some independent record shops around the country. You can also download it from the usual sites such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, or you can buy it if you come to one of our gigs.”

How do you think the album differs from your debut Hell In High Heels?

Miss C: “Hell in High Heels is a light hearted fun punk album. When we were writing Dirty Protest it was at the time of the riots and a lot of personal stuff was happening within the band that we had to deal with, which took us to a darker place than usual. We are influenced by what is going on around us. It seems more relevant now in the light of Pussy Riot.”
C Doll: “Dirty Protest is definitely a bit different to Hell In High Heels. It's heavier and some of the songs have a few sexy grooves thrown in there, like our next single Handcuffs & Powderpuffs. There are a few time changes in a couple of the songs which sound a bit SOAD-esque. We've had people draw comparisons to Motorhead, Ramones and Siouxsie and the Banshees from this album.”

The Smears Studs and Punks Interview

Is that album is still available?
Miss C: “It is available in cd format and also on pretty pink vinyl - limited edition. Just go to our big cartel store.”

Next year is your tenth year anniversary, anything special planned?
Miss C: “Of course! Any excuse for a party. We will be touring lots next year and we are already planning the concept for our next album.”
C Doll: “We are currently in talks about bringing out a Smears book for our 10th Anniversary in September next year. It's going to be full of photos of us over the years. We will also be doing a special gig to celebrate the anniversary and we'll no doubt do a tour to mark the occasion too. Watch this space…”

Where do you see the band this time next year?
C Doll: “This time next year we will be celebrating surviving 10 years of booze, punk rock and sweaty gigs.”
Miss C: “Touring America which is booked for March. Making more music videos - we did one for Handcuffs and Powderpuffs which we will be premiering on the 10th November at the Chameleon Caf? in Nottingham. Be sure to go to that because we have The Dogbones playing. Making music videos is nearly as fun as gigging.”

Thanks for the chat, anything you would like to add?
C Doll: “Check out our Facebook page, like our page and grab yourselves a couple of free downloads for doing so. Also keep your eyes peeled for our new music video for Handcuffs & Powderpuffs which will be released in November. You will be able to see it online but we are premiering the video at a special gig we are putting on at The Chameleon in Nottingham on November 10th, so get down to that if you can, it's gonna be a good 'un.”
Miss C: “Just thanks for your support. All of you. Go get yourself a drink and pat yourself on the back.”