Buggs-Vocals, Lee-Guitar, Rob-Bass, David-Drums
United Kingdom
Eye Licker


While we've never been seen to be worshipping solely at the shrine of punk it is a largely defining basis and influence of what we play, including other influences into what we do is what happens naturally,
We've been occasionally classed as a marmite band with an in your face barrage style of music, but basically, you wont hear anything you haven't heard before, just our version of it.
Oculolinctus is the need for licking an eyeball for sexual arousal.


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  • 2013-01-30 04:17:28

    Despite not being my personal cup of tea, were dead good

  • 2013-01-30 04:18:08

    Not sure if a mish-mash of influences left them with a bit of an indistinct sound of their own

  • 2013-01-30 04:18:53

    EYE LICKER is not a good band name and scared me somewhat. Not my thing

  • 2013-01-30 04:19:22

    Eye Licker have come on so much, I think they have developed into a really good band

  • 2013-01-30 04:19:54

    Eye Licker - bog standard punk that I like. No arsing about - just get up and do it - nowt wrong with that and a vital essence of the scene

  • 2013-01-30 04:20:17


  • 2013-01-30 04:20:47

    These dudes played for me last week at Bradford and did fine although the crowd there were a little reluctant to indulge in the hardcore way. Tonight the crowd were up for it and the band responded, the crowd bounced back, echo, echo - ad infinatum - result - classic rib breaking mush from a band who do it so well and again without sub-text. It is a case of all balls and bones bared and what you see is what you get with a veritable whipped up riot of raging war rhythm interspersed with some delightful air freshening ska. The lighter moments may be fewer and further between but are the essential spice to make this dish what it is - highly enjoyable. Drums rattle, guitars work in top unison, the front man can't keep still and tears all asunder with his unrelenting screams. Again another reliable band to not overlook and take for granted - too much of that shit going down these days so think on