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March 2, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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The Talks are another new band to me, hailing from Kingston upon Hull

Life in Colour

From the off what you get is a punchy skanking tune, 60s keys, slicing guitar, rolling bass line and snapping tight drumming, a cool and clear vocal, this first track has an eerie almost melancholy feel to it, very polished, very precise and has a comfortable feel, the chorus really picks this track up with its almost manical vocal and backing whoo hoos haha, nice reggae breakdown, slides in and back out again perfectly, I do think that although a good song this shouldn’t of been the lead off track as, when I first heard it I wasn’t panting for more.

Modern Sub-Urban Life

As the drums rattle in you know where this is going straight to UK Ska heaven, upbeat as *** and has me pumping my arms and bopping my head around hehe, this is a great upbeat and happy track, lovely 60s keyboard bursts through here and there, with a great hook line, again great vocal work from the guys, the 2 main vocals work really well with each other and they use that much better on this track, the music swirls round and keeps the pace at 10, oh yeah keyboard solo!!!, you could reference obvious influences galore, but there is no need, the talks walk the walk here and they do it with a pork pie hat……

Can Stand The Rain (ft. Neville Staple)

Well this one has it all a good steady skanking beat, big fat brass bursts, organ pumping, guest vocal skits from Neville staple, obviously having this addition does make you think specials but only briefly, although a slower pace this still has you skanking around, with its addictive beat, a good and solid track but for me a little obvious and I prefer the previous song

Friday Night

123 bang your back in the room, another real upbeat number here, this is the skankers heaven, bop around and go ***ing mental haha, guitar skank runs the show here keeping the pace fast, and then we hit the catchy sing along chorus, a live favourite I am sure, as the shortest song on this ep they sure do pack a lot in, I would of liked the bass a little louder on this one, real nice bass line but at times is a little lost, nice breakdown section towards the end, really adds a punch when it kicks back in and then its gone, nice one guys


Last track on the Ep bursts in and the vocalists have swapped round here, gives it a new feel, works well, another catchy chorus, and a great little keys riff reminds me of some 70s kids tv show music haha cant remember what? again the guys keep it short and sweet, obviously there punk influences come out in the length of the songs and some of the angsty touches to the vocals.

So that’s it 5 tracks all done and a great feel to this EP and although they are obviously a Ska/reggae band with a drop of punk they also have a modern mainstream edge that is certainly going to propel them forward and from what I see from my Google trip they are doing good already.

So as someone who likes a good skanking tune or two, this is on my list, good songs played well, different feels and adding there own take to this big genre, my advice is get yourselves a copy of this Ep and go see the band live, I will certainly be seeking them out soon as I notice from the photos I have seen they don’t appear to have a keyboard player, so am interested to hear the stripped down live sound.

Friday night 2nd single from the EP is released on 4th March as a Digital download on All our own Records and the Full EP West Sinister is released on CD and Digi Download on the 11th March

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