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July 22, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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It was a clear blue skied morning, and as Woodstock and Punkbob took an early morning stroll round the battlements of Punkrock Castle, the sun was already shining hard on the Sea, as it lapped at the Eastern shore, near the castle boundary. As they both looked out across the Bay they could see a ship on the horizon, in full sail, barrelling across the ocean, they both had remarked earlier that today was the day, when the terrible wrong done to them would finally be put right, and as they could now see the ship was in fact a twin mast, black sailed, terror inducing beast, sailing under the flag of the Skull and Crossbones, the pirates from the East were here and about to make amends, well that’s what Woodstock and Punkbob assumed. As the ship glided into the Bay and let go the anchor, a small rowboat was dropped into the water and a figure hunched over and at great effort, was rowing at full pelt towards the shore, every so often the sun would reflect off an object tucked into his belt, a sword? A pistol?
  As the boat was secured to the dock the man exited the boat, well I say man but both Woodstock and Punkbob were uncertain as to if this was indeed a man, maybe a hobbit, a gnome, a dwarf?  A Imp or midget, they could not be sure but one thing was certain he sure did remind them of Vince from Studs and Punks, as they chuckled to each other there was a loud knock at the gates to Punkrock Castle, Woodstock went to answer the door, as Punkbob is a cat and that would just be weird. Woodstock opened the door and no sooner had he done so than the very very small person thrust the shiny package up towards his hand, the New Cd by the East Town Pirates was finally here!!!! After only sending the case the first time, damn pesky pirates, well will this be sending me to Davy Jones locker? or Fiddlers Green? join me and lets find out.
Nice packaging more eye catching than last time with the Crisp, bright skull logo emblazoning the front, inviting all pirates to come on board, and again housing the lyrics to all songs so a full on singsong can be undertaken..

Glory Days

 Opening track is always important and so here we go, slow count and in we go, a pirate shanty cracks the whip and sails away, a glorious, upbeat pounding punk rocky song, brings all the glory of the previous album back, great guitar work mid way and the backing vocal crew make this a nice Singalong ditty, get your best pirate voice ready, the east town pirates are back, great production again a little deeper and meatier than the previous one, but still crisp and clear, I am now thinking I may be in for another Pirate pleasure trip.

The Curse of Captain Blood

A Jumping, stuttering rocking tune has you shaking ya body to the beat, great story being told in the lyrics, draws you into the innards of the song, and doesn’t let go, again catchy and with more Singalong, its over all too soon, still better to end early than drag it out too long, more grog and on we go harr harr

The Revenge of Emmy Tot

Well based on a true story of one of the very few women who were at sea in the time of the pirates, who was seen as being so brave by Earl of Eglinton that a image of her with sword and severed head in hand was added to his coat of arms and is still there to this day, want to know more? Listen to the song, right back to the song, as it powers in, wrapped in a pirate powered riff, you are compelled to reach for your lass or any strumpet or wench for a jig round the deck, again a lyrical story following the true tale of Emmy Tot that is both fun, and educational harrharr, it soon has you hooked and eager to hear the full story, catchy verses all lead up to the chorus statement and then some more guitar riffage to keep you healthy, how could you not love this? Pirate Gold

John Dobbs Bones

Ok we enter this track with our rock on full, crunching, grinding, chugging, backed by popping drums and gritty bass work and some smooth bluesy guitar lickerage, vocals again telling a story with that cheeky gruff piratey voice has you intently listening, great backing vocals in the chorus is yet another join in opportunity, great little harmony at the end, brings yet another song on the sea to an end

Throw your arms around me, darling

As the guitar melody plays the vocal enters and replaces the guitar melody, slowly the song builds, layer by layer, each time repeated something new is added, until we get back to the guitar melody and then, verse 2, this is another jolly sea shanty, a love song this time if you like, a girl in every port, or just one love, you decide, a nice breakdown and spoken word section towards the end is another nice added touch, then just time for one last jig round the deck as the guitar slowly sinks into the sea, yeah the ETP still rocking with dance paced, addictive songs.

Prisoners Lament

As the sun begins to set this prisoners lament, a last word to family, friends, countrymen, a look into the distance at the life that they have lived, its poignant and sad, with no hope of change, the first section with vocal dusky and solemn with a soft acoustic backing, is just inspire, the picture it paints is just what the captain ordered, slowly the shuffling drums and bass join the party, creating a great atmosphere, still sombre and gaunt, but this is the ETP, there about fun and upbeat, frilly shirted, stripy trouser, big booted, flintlock firing devilment so of course the pace picks up, of course the feel and tone rises, the beat pounds harder and the crew dance to celebrate the end of the Prisoner, lyrically sad but the music and big old backing vocal bring up the spirits, a clever track this, not my favourite but a welcome member to the scurvy crew, and yet another moment of quality.

Avery (The Fall of Henry)

A call to arms guitar riff leads the way nicely and a drum roll builds are anticipation, some blues rhythms and an upbeat melody is what you find here, for me the verse is weak, and samey really and the bridge section is weaker still as the vocals sound as if they’re struggling almost going out of tune and are lacking something, which is a shame as the chorus section although not what you would class as a traditional catchy chorus is in fact very catchy and drags you in, coupled with the guitar intro its class but as I say let down by the verse and bridge section for me, I do feel sorry for henry dying lonely on the street though….

One for M’Lady

Here we go, the guitar fires a volley across the bow as the flag rises from the east tattered and torn but ready for action, bluesy pirate rock n roll pushes to the front, cut down rattling verses, fires into the yo ho ho all together chorus, these guys know how to write good solid songs that make you want to don ya bandanna, cutlass and musket and head off to sea, great slab of rock n pirate roll here.


Well I am always up for some liquid salvation, so get that ship to port and lets drink drink drink, to ETP, friends and fun, another cannon volley of pirate rock n roll here, its catchy, its packed to the top with ETP pirate swag and another winner, enough said I think..

Another Day

Excuse me people; do you fancy a singsong? Yeah? well here you go, right in ya face, haha, rocking the ship from the Bilge to the crows nest, no yellow jacks or trips to execution dock here, just pirate rock n roll party times, and if you don’t join in, you will walk the plank, its what I have come to expect from the East Town Pirates, a sea shanty rolling and rocking in the rigging.

Seven seas of sin

So here we are at the title track, the Admiral of the Black, so come on matey lets join the furore, grab your lass and here we go, slightly slower than previous songs but still packing a punch from the off, the rolling bass in the verse gets you moving, this builds up, then unexpectedly the drums stop, as we pull back the hammer and bang pound into the chorus, it’s a good old sing along chorus, simple and sure with all crew singing loud, Johnny is having a good time on the seven seas that’s for sure, sleazey guitar solo ploughs through leading to another build up back forth vocal building higher and higher,  then chorus time again, again showing the tightness of the guys playing, spot on, clever old pirates.


Well track 13 sees us at the end of the journey and how shall we bow out?,well hard and grizzly is how, gravel fuelled verse vocals snarl and sneer at you before a big old sing out loud chorus and a iron maiden guitar led instrumental section, not sure about that but its soon over and were back to the singing and drinking, as the cannon sounds the end, I am seeking another song haha, oh well back to the start haha.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot, Drink up me 'earties, Yo Ho

So there you go album number 2 is finished and done, did they manage to create another chest of Gold? Well yes I think so, its not a carbon copy of the last album and there is plenty of progression and change, yes the songs are still piratey, but as was stated before its in the fucking name, so yeah pirate themes adorn all the songs, the production is as good as last time although mixed slightly differently, so that’s all good, personally I would say for me I need both these Cds as I think the first one has a few real breath taking classics, but also some very average moments, where as this one has a much more even keel, it rides the crest but never bursts over the top, so although over all the songs are better on this one the Pirate gold of the ETP collection is on the First CD, so lads next time I am expecting a lot, harrharr.

Now available from the band Seven Seas of sin is a worthy and welcome edition to any music collection and should be coupled with the first CD, for anyone interested East Town Pirates will be playing at the Boathouse in Cambridge on Sunday the 28th July if you fancy coming down and sharing a clap of thunder or a Nelsons folly (I will certainly be in attendance) then come and join us.

Also let me know what you think people, and maybe even write your own review. Can’t imagine you wont love this band, well unless you don’t like pirates, and then you can just fuck off!!
I liked the band when I saw them live and now having spent time with the CDs I have to say I am a fan and am now off to order a ETP shirt harrharr
Hear that noise? That’s the drawbridge raising on the Punk rock Castle, so its time for you to leave,  till next time ya scurvy reprobates.

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