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November 15, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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LONDON release a New Cd after a long time have they still got it?


London’s manager Mark dropped this into my Grubby mitt at a recent Daggers Punk Gig, and I listened to it for the first time on the way home that night, my apologises for this review taking longer than Normal but with work, the band, other commitments and fighting off some weird lurgy it has taken longer than I hoped, But here it is so have a read.

Firstly the cover a Union Flag pair of Docs, Quality that, the Bio inside (reminding us that this band was originally around in 1977) and the photos completing the package nicely. Although personally a Lyric sheet would of completed it haha but that’s just me.

So to the music Now having seen London and played with them recently I have an idea what this is going to be like Rock, Punk and Roll I am expecting and to a degree that’s what I get But with so much more.

When the Night Falls


First to don the boots and kick its way out of the Speakers, a steady head nodding paced piece of Rock n roll, clean and crisp with Marshall styled Distorted guitar, pounding drums and rolling and rocking steady bass lines keeping it all on track for Riffs Pleasant and clear vocal singing, passion and power in equal measures with a cheeky edge, the mix is spot on for the bands style and it drags you in from the off, good start


haha goes the weasel…

Minute man


More upbeat with more of a banging riff, rocks along nicely, very British style rock punk and roll, like the Beatles meeting the Stones and all being fucked by the Monkees haha. Simple and straight forward this one boots you swiftly in the Stomach and then makes you dance in a jerking ridiculous manner, it pulses in and out through the verse into the short simple chorus, some nice little guitar work throughout and you have another winner including the fake ending before the end Good Rock and roll here people.

Every Dog


I knew a man what can I say? Well I will tell you what I can say is this, this is a summer Hit, beautiful hazy sunny summer fun, window down, cruising the roads with this blasting out even has a fucking Tambourine, the sing a line answer with the title is great and easy to get hooked into and before you know it your joining in Every dog has its day, and that’s when you know you got a winner, every dog has its day, as you can see its very catchy as every dog has its day, right enough of that!!! I love the note played guitar work dropped in and out throughout the song, it may sound corny and cheesy but it’s just a beautiful little song and my second favourite on the CD.



Neat little guitar riff leads us into this song, the verse is a pulsing affair, chugging along nicely to the chorus, which is where this one loses me, I am not sure what it is maybe the laces are undone or the spelled out word Rebecca, or the sung word Rebecca either way this one just doesn’t work for me I have listened over and over but it just is not for me, sorry Rebecca nothing against you personally, just not a gleaming boot.

Animal Attraction


70s Punk this is as it walks like a model and kisses like it slut, strutting along with its head held high on platform 8 hole docs, perfectly formed simple and straight forward, but likable and enjoyable, for me a good comeback after the last one, bopping along to the fade.

Like it never happened


And here is another class piece of work from the boys a plethora of cult words, sorted into a great little walk through the history of cool and funny things, as the drums hammer along accompanied by the rattling bass line, the vocals sing out as the song twists back and forth but always returning to the verse riff I especially like when the guitar drops out leaving the bass and drums punching along, again this is another song you cant help but smile at and enjoy, so get this CD and do so!!

Celebrity Crash


Another pop rock song here with added psychedelic zing, snappy drums lead this song with the guitars and melody stabbing in and out, love the prolonged drum only section that has you thinking it’s the end of the song before bouncing back into the song with an army of march boots at its head, good stuff.

Standing Alone


This is one of those Missing Beatles tracks everyone talks about, complete with brass and an organ (No not one of those) soft and relaxed this also reminds me a little of the Damned with the Gothic edge replaced by the monkees though, a very different feel to the other tracks on this CD but works and fits well and I enjoy listening to it and its position on the CD is perfect before the best song on the CD.

Get out of London


Back to the banging rock n roll, catchy and cool, it smashes along like a double decker careering around Trafalgar square, and the chorus is so catchy its like trying not too lick the sugar from your lips while eating a doughnut not joining in haha, this is my favourite track on the CD and even the drawnout fuzzy guitar solo is just perfect, every band wants a song like this and this is Londons, get ya boots moving to this one…

77 Dreams


So the last track of a very varied but enjoyable collection of songs this one and they end on a punchey power pop package with the now expected London harmonies, pounding rhythm section, great fuzztone guitars, tamborine and Riffs unique and very enjoyable vocal style, a head nodding, boot tapping package and a sizzling sensation, pop punch, punk power, slithering psychedelic edges and lots and lots of rock n roll

So there you go Hardcore metal in ya face, deeply political riot rallying venom it is not and A big YES for that it’s a upbeat feel good record from a group of seasoned and talented musicians who are obviously enjoying making there music and that’s always a good thing, I have to say I was a fan of the band and then when I was re introduced to them recently I became even more of a fan but now I have this CD I am a Huge Fan, what a great band, doing it there way. I for one like smiling and this record makes me smile
Well done But I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that, so next time you are thinking what to do Get out See London, there worth being around and this is yet another CD you need to own.

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