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Paddy & The Rats
Rats On Board
November 17, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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Another new one on me this Band, formed in 2008 this is there first full length Cd and on first inspection it’s a quality package with some great artwork, full lyrics and info, very nice but whats in the treasure chest pieces of eight or just bones?



ay me hearty, here we go the fiddle and banjo lead us into this first swashbuckling tale of adventure on the high seas, pirating ships and drinking whiskey sounds fun and so does this track the feeling of adventure and wickedness is there in droves and the old world just drips from the rigging but its not all swash and buck there’s a small section with drum machine build up and guitar solo that blast this song out of the ‘what you expect, a great start


here come the bagpipes and a very different style to this rocker from the bagpipe start to the tune heavily laden with distorted guitar this is very reminiscent of Dropkick Murphy’s or the like until the vocals come in, a much smoother vocal from Paddy and this gives this song a unique finish, what you expect is riotous gravel but this is a well sung ditty and shows another side to there music I like this one and with Pint in hand I am leapin about with the rest of them


release my people!!! Plucked intro with the irish vocal telling the story as the rest of the band crash in like the hammer breaking the chains of slavery, to the loud proud protest call FREEDOM!!! Much slower pace here but a real foot tapping get up and join in rhythm with its stop start tune this reaks of the heart felt need for Freedom very clever and thought provoking but at the same time a *** fine pirate tune


Pace flies back up for this humdinger of a drinking song irish, pirate laden and stinking of whiskey at 1.57 this jig along Irish punk ditty is over far too soon


the sad tale told through the Irish mans friend Mr Jameson about the Guy who returns from war to find the English have killed his wife so he seeks Mr Jameson and together they plot revenge, a sad tale and a slow lament of a umpah tinged folk song that again sends you back to the emerald isle, a little slow and folky for me personally but a good addition to the full Paddy and the Rats sound


here we go a real upbeat Jig of a tale of a Drinker Jimmy Biscuit violin led this rattles along again very similar to earlier tracks


upbeat again but a different feel to this one on the decks of the ship the pirates gather and sing songs, drinking whiskey and dreaming of there home land this tale of the journey home having killed the English, all link arms and away we go Hey Hey as we sway to the rhythm, whistling along this song re fires my enjoyment after the last tracks sameyness Good stuff me heartys


a song about a Girl harhar still plenty of irish and a pirate feel this rattles along nicely like the middle section where the thunder of the timpani breaks the song up nicely and leads us happily to


This is a scorcher of a upbeat punkpiratejig guitar, bass, drums then interspersed with violin etc a great track this Happy and Cheery party song and a clap along section gives it a rock n roll feel including a lead break brief but succulent I expect this is a great live favourite and for track 10 it’s a good un


another style change with skanky underlying rhythm on the verse and a sea shanty chorus this is a new combination for the Rats and I like it again the umpah feel creeps in with the Accordion and the guitar break reminds me of the Specials only briefly as the Pirate punk jig ska of the rats soon cracks back in and smoulders like the freshly fired cannon, Liking this. Next


Banjo intro leads us to a banjo heavy tune of great magnitude, again it sends you away to the deck of a ship the smell of the sea in your nostrils and coarse rope in hand as you work hard to keep the ship on course and this song manages it gracefully with again some great guitar, banjo and drum playing backed by the rest to create a sort of modern old school shanty another goodie me heartys


track 13 unlucky for some and the scratchy haunting accordion is soon torn from the air as a drum led upbeat jig blasts its way along full of Irish Pride, the love of St Patrick, the hatred of the English, a real Protest story and it has you stood firm saluting the air with Drink in hand, and warmth in ya heart another great breakdown soon pushes this song back to full flow and then full circle returns to the single accordion to end


Wey Hey me heartys, don ya eye patch, dig out ya cutlass and don ya headscarf and Bondage trousers for DRUNKEN SAILOR but this very familiar tune has been RATIFIED and just rocks you to ya framework well crafted and executed this is a Rats version and this is there song they do a great job of taking something good and making it better complete with Pirate Drum solo, violin solo and more Heys than a Ramones gig this ends as quick as it starts.


is the last shanty on this skunkydrunken pirate buccaneer of an Irish jig, umpah skanking skull and cross bones of a CD, it’s a simple singalong drinking tune that has you rocking from side to side with your arms in the air clapping for all your worth and the rattle of a beer can hitting the floor ends this particular song and brings us to the end of our Voyage with Paddy and the Rats, 15 tracks on this CD and there is something for everyone, well as long as you like pirates, jigs and drinking?……..
So whats not to like? haha well I was not so keen on the couple of slow tracks that were too folk for me and I can imagine over time I would skip those two but that’s just me, But as a whole this is a great CD and I look forward to seeing the Band live as I think that would be a party to remember, So I will don my Finest Jack sparrow Garb and be heading off to do just that join me or walk the plank Dogs!! Because the Rats have arrived and there sweeping Europe like a Plague!!
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Check them out and get a copy of the Cd for your Treasure chest it’s a Piece of Eight for sure

The above words and thoughts from the Scurvy Dog

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