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February 23, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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So I was in the toilets, stood at the urinals at a gig recently and 2 guys were at the next 2 troughs to me, excitedly discussing the night ahead, they were so excited, *** was flying everywhere and they were almost having some kind of mating ceremony as they waved there dicks in the air as they spoke, if this wasn’t enough to make me zip up and head for the sink (always remember cleanliness) then when one remarked to the other, “I cant wait to see Dirt Box Disco, there better than a lot of them Big bands!!” So with that I chuckled and headed for the sink.
So when I was sent an advance copy of Dirt box Disco’s second Full length Album People made of Paper, it made me realise this band are on the verge of turning a corner, after a successful Ep Are you Ready? And then 2012s Album of the year (for many including me) Legends, this New offering would be the turning point either the band would offer up a play it safe, everything’s the same, follow the formula record, like a crusty *** stain in ya pants, that when you turn them inside out you find another stain the same on that side too, as this would probably seal there continued rise, or they are going to continue this crazy journey with a completely new anal implant? After all they have taken chances all along, I am hoping for somewhere in the middle, so lets go see?
Obviously the Spunk Volcano himself was feeling the pressure build up and I got the feeling he was nervous about this New record, a feeling of not wanting to sully the Dirt box with less than Top quality ***e, he did this by constantly asking if he could come round and release his pressure on me, I think it was ment as a chat up, a dirt box tickler if you will, but as well he knows I don’t play that way haha. So what have the 5 Filthy freaks got on offer for us this time?


Opening track is always important, sets the stall out, draws you in, makes you salivate for more, here we are greeted first by a pulsation fuzzface guitar soon joined by the rest of the musical gang, and sliding nicely into the verse, darker and deeper, Weab leads the way, to the group hug chorus chant, All of the Freaks are here!! Soon followed by a Freak out of little guitar shreds and twiddles by the twin guitarists in blue paint and black wool, almost instantly you notice the production is even better on this record its deeper and richer and really gives the band that Golden Dirt box sound, pounding and snappy drums, deep rumbling bass and fuzzing distorted guitars with the trade mark crisp and clear vocals, a thing of beauty and a thing of ***ing wonder, this song says we are back, we are upping our game and we have grown, what’s not to love? And what more could you ask? Well I will answer the second question track 2 that’s what

My Life is ***

As this song has been in the live set for a little while, when the opening chords hit it feels like an old friend, a warm toilet seat recently vacated and if you have seen the band lately, you know what’s coming as the guitar winds up to the first chorus and the 5 filthy freaks let us have it straight in the anus with this chorus so catchy it should be illegal, you cant not join in, it still amazes me that a statement so sad like “My life is ***” can be sung in a way that makes you so happy, its Ace, a faster pace than the first song and more the Legends Dirtbox we know and are used to, but even catchier, not sure how that’s possible but it is, rip roaring punk rock with Spunk taking some of the verse vocal duties with Weab, to add even more, its short but its not ***.

She’s My Baby

Yeah yeah yeah she’s my baby, time for some feel good rock n roll, bopping along short chugging verses and big Singalong choruses, topped off with a lovely little stripped down build up from Deadbeatz Chris on the bass, slick and cool just like him, its 1.41 of feel good simple Singalong rock n roll, now I am sure lots of you will say that’s easy, well go on then, you ***ing do it, exactly it isn’t, it’s a talent that DBD have in huge great bloated ball sacks full, there consistant Quality, catchy, interesting, wonderous songs just keep coming and that my friends is worthy of applause.

What you gonna do about it?

 From the stomp of the bass drum with added chugging guitar, pierced by the first lines of the vocal, sung loud and with backs straight and heads held high, this is a statement of intent, this one gets me every time from my very heart and soul, I don’t know if its because I can relate to this or that its that they are singing with such conviction and honesty, or maybe its just the huge guitar riff that joins it all together, but whatever it is this song is huge and I love it and every time it plays I sing it out loud, stunning truly a euphoric orgasm in my ears.

Top Shelf

Now normally I would say how do you follow that? After such a good song but this is Dirt box Disco’s record so they follow it with another ***ing classic, this is Top shelf material a cheeky, naughty, porno mag complete with stuck pages and dog eared edges a good paced punk rocking backing is overlaid with first a nah nah nah nah nah vocal sounds like these cheeky mischievous buggers have nicked ya knickers off the washing line and are standing on the wall that surrounds ya flags as you try and reach them as they furiously wave ya undies, taunting you, this leads to a verse of pure class, of course there are classic lyrics involved and probably the best line of the album, “wanna kiss and finger *** you” haha this apparently doesn’t go well if you sing it whilst delivering leaflets with headphones on haha, as ever by the second chorus you are hooked and there is no escape, nice little vinegar stroke solo in the middle and then with a groan and a spurt its over, another page pasted together, top ***ing shelf indeed.

Round in circles

Spunk shouts out the start to this one, it’s the serious song haha, well seems that way, no mention of *** or anything, a sort of rock based, hazy drug infused rocker, it chuggs nicely through the verse at a steady slow pace with some nice screechy guitar in the chorus, harmonized guitars and as ever a steady rock solid bass and drums, still as catchy as penal warts but a track for the grown ups, the guitars swirl round and round as it pushes into the chorus, great fingering from Danny Fingers, you expect them to have grown long fringes to cover one eye, or in spunk’s case his only eye, heavily 80s influenced this track, and even in all its corduroy wearing pipe and slippersness its still a ***ing great song haha bastards!!!

My Dad is bigger than your Dad

Continuing the serious theme this next song is another pacey punk rocking explosion from the pounding staggering start to the fast paced verse it moves at speed and with a crazed look in its eye, as the verse builds to the Hey hey bridge before bursting into a statement of Pride, I would like to say at this point that my dad is bigger than any of yours and he’s only 5.9 and 9 stone!! This will be another freaks pit classic causing a frenzy and if I had to compare it to the last record would say this was the Smackhead of this new record, again catchy, again addictive and again blows me away and to think theres more to come!!Surely the next song is gonna be *** a dose of Dirtbox piles???

My Girlfriends, Best friends Sister

As the phenomenally sexual guitar harmonic edged intro bursts into the verse powered along by weabs vocal, and tickled by spunk’s little additions, you know this is gonna be Huge, and it is a massive pair of Spunk’s pants filled with juicy goodness, what a song, not only is the subject a work of genius but as ever the delivery and nuances are just Spunktastic, the backing vocal onslaught in the chorus again forces you to join in and be part of this thing of beauty, another great little guitar riff tickles ya bollocks and causes a stir in the root of ya ***, as the blue faced wonder starts fingering again, how one band can come up with such material over and over again is just mind blowing, there was talk that The Spunk volcano had concerns early on whether this record was gonna be good enough to follow Legends? Well you big stinking sack of sperm if you have read this even with your one eye you must know the answer to that question and as I said before, still more to come.

You think you know me

A big balls to the wall crashing start leads to a hey ho moment before we reach the verse a passionate almost sad feel to the vocals, it’s a plea, a statement shouted out from the heart, someone has been heart broken and the start of this song says it all, miss read by whoever this is about, mis trusted and obviously feared for wanting what they feared to try, the music keeps you in happy mood though and even though its not making you laugh you are transfixed, but just as you think its gonna keep you down and sad, the song bursts through the clouds, standing erect and with fists up, an anthemic *** you, a powerful message to all those that feel low, Don’t give up don’t give in Move on as sad as it is, move the *** on, wow is all I can say to the end section of this song its breath taking.

After show Girlies

Nothing serious or passionate here, just a cheeky visit to the life of the Dirtbox gang, now they are better than some of the big bands they can indulge in all the crazy rock n roll activates, here we see how down to earth they have remained, I know there are limos and crazy drugs and girlies willing to suck the crust from spunk’s pants but the guys need a way to vent there pent up sauce so you cant hold it against them, what else would you expect drugs, drink (only the best champagne) lots of sex and why not? This is the carry on song of the rock n roll world, a fun and tongue in cheek, nudge nudge giggle…or is it? Still a bloody catchy Singalong and that’s what counts, fast paced and punk rock rhythm blasts along, each line of the verse is followed by the Singalong title aftershow girlies, before diving into the chorus of aftershow girlies, simple and fun and means that I am gonna (in the name of the truth) have to go to all the after shows with the 5 filthy freaks from now on too see just how crazy they have become, whoop whoop bottles of water and only red m and m’s here I come…..

All for One

Chugging guitar, stamping drums break the silence as we head into another join in and Singalong song short little verses, building through the bridge and bursting out the other side into a big crescendo of Singalong punk rock boy and punk rock girl chorus chanting ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, DIRT BOX DISCO ROCK N ROLL!!! What more needs to be said neat little solo work again form the Blue fingers and yes another tick in the top quality tune column, and another to add to the lets join in party.

Punk rock and Porno

Punk rock guitar leads us into this Ramones meets GBH sounding verse, telling the story of the legendary Dad with a huge porn collection, Weab leads the story as the crazy Puppeteer clown should, with the rest of the freaks led by spunk chipping in after every couple of lines, this as is customary leads to a big old chorus, Sung by 5, built for all and another rip roaring live anthem is birthed, I just love the off beat battle between Fazzo and the rest of the gang after the verses, ***ing lovely touch that, and shows the work of great musicians, but then to be able to play in crazy costumes you gotta be good, into the chorus lines Weab asks and Spunk replies hehe, short and sweet and almost  at the end.

Well at last I have found something I don’t like, why the *** did you put this pointless silence at the end? I thought it was odd a 6.48 song, but no a bloody stupid gap before an additional track, come on you Freaks only saving grace is that the last track is good otherwise, I would of set fire to you, and for your information I have deleted the gap from my copy haha.

Punk by Numbers

Simple straight forward punk rocking here in a short little package, sick of punk by numbers these 5 set out to do it different, after selling there souls, they created a disturbing but beautiful world populated by freaks and crazies out for fun, it was a big gamble and even now I see some people just not get it and get really ***ing angry at them haha, but hey you want punk by numbers go elsewhere there is plenty of it around, oh I am sure there are those that will say they took the easy route?, not sure how anyone could say what they decided to do was the easy route, and making themselves a carnival act, a side show freaks act, not to be taken serious, is a mistake, but as I have said before, they are a breath of fresh air and what they have set out to do and have so far achieved is through hard work and the best songs around, they are Punk rock carnival party freaks and today is still Dirtbox day.

So that’s it Album number 2 is finished and I gotta say Wow, when you release a record that becomes a massive massive hit that’s something that doesn’t happen to many and so is a huge achievement in its self and these 5 can be very ***ing proud of themselves, But to then release a second full length record that’s even better, well that’s History, its phenomenal and I cannot be anything but very proud, I know its only Feb but I think this is heading for Album of the year 2013 I cant see what is gonna topple it, we will see haha, but take a bow guys People made of paper is a Diamond bejazzled Golden anus of humongous proportions and you are Dirtbox, you are bastards and I love you.

So if you have reached the end of this review and are still unsure whether to buy a copy or not, then I suggest you, paint your face blue, don a green wig and crazy shades, get a big pimpin hat and sterile tight trousers, a big baby grow or get a woolly balaclava drop ya trousers and get to a Dirtbox Disco event to see for yourself or just *** off, your choice

People made of Paper will be Available at the album launch Gig, Star and garter, Manchester on the 28th April or from STP records, other quality stockists and DBD gigs everywhere from 29th April.

What a joy that was

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