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March 8, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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So hailing from the North this Scottish Rabble, have been making a Noise for sometime and I have in the past enjoyed some very tasty morsels of there’s, but its been a while and I am interested to hear how this New record has shaped up.


As the harmonic guitar breaks the silence, soon joined by a second distorted grinding guitar cascade, we reach the song in full, steady paced and within the 4 past Midnight sound I expect, it’s a familiar beast but in a good way, like a nicely worn in pair of Converse sneakers, the vocal is gruff, but even with the accent its clear and crisp, the atmosphere is heavy and dark, and although the chorus blends into the verse it pinnacles the atmosphere of the song perfectly, strawberry on the cake stuff, simple short guitar solo gives another texture, its as expected but works well and as they say if it isn’t broken Don’t fix it, good opening track. 7.5/10


This starts in a similar fashion and has a similar dark, despairing feel about it, swirling and descending into a nightmare, the pounding rib rattling drums in the verse gives a harder feel, but ultimately it feels very similar to the previous track, some dirty distorted bass and a sweeping, desperate ending, raise the song up on its haunches and a few seconds of speed finish it nicely another good song but I feel too close to the first to be positioned here. 6.5/10

Any Other Way

Now this ***er is what I was waiting for, this is what these bastards do so well, grab a pint, get to the front, jump the *** around and sing your ***ing arse off, this is anthem, put simply it’s a good steady paced punk rock tune full of chugging guitars, pounding drums and rattling bass, and clear Singalong repetitive vocals, even has the stripped down its your turn to sing section, I love it when you get a song like this and these guys always manage to pull one out of the bag, Punk rock class and worth the entry fee to this CD alone 9.5/10


As the bricks fly, windows smash and the youth run and rampage through the streets, born of frustration and sadness that nobody cares, this is riot, a pacey punk rock song with a few added petrol bombs, it bursts and screams along, like the sound of running feet, hard as concrete and hot as the burning houses, anger fills your ears as the vocal onslaught attacks from the front, it’s a brutal battle and one that is done well, yes familiar but done well 7/10


From the opening chords through the guitar slide and into the song itself you know this will be another one for singing, the verse sections are good but leading always leading to the chorus a big stand up shout along ménage, full on 4 past midnight choir are involved and it would be rude not to join in so do it!!.SO FAR SO FAR AWAY FROM HOME…
A winding desperate feeling of being far away drifts across as a guitar whine paints the picture in a well thought out guitar break, yep another one for the set list...8/10

Punk Rock Noise (4PM Crew Pt3)

Well after reading the part in the brackets the pressure is on as this series of tracks has to be big loud and Singalong rock n roll and that’s what you get here, which is good newa, chugging verses as the vocal grunts tell the story with flair and humour before the 4 pm choir raise the roof will a simple chorus gob shout again this is not new, its not original but its ***ing Good, lots of fun and another opportunity to shout till your lungs tear, and nothing else can be said 9/10

Story of My Life

Title track, no pressure, and in it rattles a big old bouncing bastard of a song, I am screaming with excitement through the verse alone haha, ***ing cannot keep still and bang into chorus we roll and bang back to verse, clear,crisp and ***ing top class, the feeling is there and I believe every stinking word as the shrill burst of guitar sodomy winds along the song ends leaving me wanting another verse haha. 9/10

Nothing has changed

Bullet speed jet engine of a track, its mental and chaotic, but doesn’t do anything for me, there will be plenty of speedsters that will like this but not me. 4/10


The intro is disturbing and makes you very angry at the same time, it makes you sit up and think, a difficult subject that so many times I have seen handled wrong and almost glorified these sick cunts and as a father I think they need to be destroyed, but thankfully the guys here have got it spot on, there is no mistaking the atmosphere of this song, and conveys the total Fear and control that this victim lives within, a hard song to enjoy as such but its well done and if it makes even one person think about this then its worth it, respectful to the end well done guys. 8/10

The Truth is out there

Scully and Mulder well well not heard those names in a while, X files was a big old hit sci fi series a while back, interesting choice of subject, alien abduction, whether the guys have any experience or fascination I don’t know but this is a decent enough song its nothing special for me a standard rocking tune again well presented but there are much better tracks on here. 5/10


No prisoners taken here, a simple thundering along punk rock riff its like a runaway train un relenting and with the almost invisible chorus that works well, reminds me of Early motorhead vocally and is a great little short burst of engine fuel, hot and powerful,. Distorted on rails Glory. 8/10

The Fight

As this enters it settles into what I regard as 4PMs speed it’s a chugging mid paced demon whipping storm, powers along through the verse with pomp and panache, leading to the short simple chorus FIGHT! This is a smoulder hit, a creep up on you track, its unassuming and feels almost standard, but you suddenly realise you into it big time and its catchy and stays in your head, nice guitar break over laid with more guitar is nice too fits well with the feel of the song, which I really like, the guitar riffs don’t seem to be there for any other reason that to enhance the song, which is how they should be in my opinion. 8/10

What are you gonna do?

What am I gonna say, not wanting to repeat myself or give the impression its not good but this song for me breaks no different or special ground within the 4PM world, does that make sense? 7/10 you can see from the score not a bad song haha

Who takes the Blame?

The tension is there from the first breath of this song, images enter your head all dark and cold, this is a blizzard of grinding brutal guitars and buzz wagon bass held on the long march by pounding drumming, with matching dark and grinding vocals, has an old school feel about this one, unrelenting monster, questioning but never puzzling and as with most the vocals can be understood and enjoyed, a punk snow storm forcing its way into your ears, in a good way 7.5/10

How does it feel?

So we have reached the final track and as the drums break the seal on track 15 and the woah 4PM choir cut the air, we know that track 15 is gonna be another banner waving Singalong, and yes it is, upbeat and in the sunshine, it’s a tale of well loss and failure, dejection and misery…….hang on that’s surely not right?….well yes it is the lyrics tell a sad tale but the tune and delivery sing out a happy one haha, after all the subject may be sad but there is nothing to say you have to give it mobidity, lads after my own heart, sing it loud and sing it with a smile haha, great way to end on an upbeat moment of quality 4PM, so as the last bars of track 15 fade into the heather with a few well placed woahs and a marching stomp we are done. 8/10

So there you go 15 tracks and a well rounded album, there’s a lot of quality here and a welcome return to the 4PM I love, this is a strong album and I expect it to do well for the band, I have my favourites on here as I am sure anyone who listens will, whether they be the same who knows, but let me know I would be interested to hear and whilst your buying this CD seek out the bands gig listings ( ) and go see them live.
Well done guys I really am impressed with this return, look forward to hearing some of these songs live soon

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