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November 17, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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Rash Decision –

Philthy's Mattress
Captain' Tom
Learning things about this world (part 2)
Bring out your Dead
Temporary Worker (clause 4.1)

So a split CD 2 bands one I am about to have my first introduction too and the second I am all too familiar with, So into the valley of the unknown I ride in search of Rash Decision and what I discover is, Horrific, blistering paced, hardcore mayhem, brutal and harsh, the main growl rips through your stomach like a rusty blade, shredding all it comes into contact with, I cant believe the tranquil picturesque, rolling beauty of Cornwall could be the backdrop for the blood ritual slaughter thrown forth from these marauders of dark noise, for me this is a trip to the unfamiliar world, as Hardcore is not my bag on the whole, But just because its not my thing don’t mean I shouldn’t give you my opinion, so your gonna get it anyway, right first duo of deadly brutality fly by and are within my hardcore comfort zone, but the speed of track 3 loses me and 4 continues the feeling of out of control brain damage, I do manage to nod my head in parts of track 5 haha For me Track 7 Seagull is the best track it starts with a brutal entry then bursts into a hard metallic thunder cloud of chugging spital soaked anger, pounding and menacing and I love it, great track  and the last offering also tweeks my interest by smashing me in the face with a rotten Pasty, everything matters they say well, its apparent that these guys have put a lot of effort into this Brutal carcass of steaming rotten noise and it has paid off, if you like ya Hardcore Hard then this is your wet dream, afterall if there are some tracks on here that I like, then it shows this must be worth a listen and it is

Two Sick Monkeys –

Bruce Brenda David Death
Had Enough
Blurrr!! (Parts 1 & 2)
Number One Retard
I Don't Wanna Be Me
No Brakes
S.A.D. (Spontaneous Amoebic Dysentery)
Last Order
I Love Booze

Ok to the second section of the Cd a band I am familiar with and one I enjoy, both Live and recorded, although I have always felt there was something missing on the Recordings. We start with the End, a Goodbye to a friend in his 2 sick monkeys t-shirt, and it’s a great start a fast blast with as ever great wordage, and the bass and drums rhythmic cyclone starts to whirl, the tracks whirl by from short then shorter to the almost instrumental of Blurr (parts 1 and 2) and the shortest track, Number One Retard, ever enjoyable and you listen on in wonderment at the brilliance and shining individuality of this band, truly insane genius haha, Intermission is my least favourite of the bunch, just doesn’t do anything for me, maybe its because its an instrumental and is the same riff going round and round but no I don’t need an intermission thanks, unlike I don’t wanna be me and No brakes brilliant Singalong monsters of tracks 2 sick monkey genius at work, S.a.d convinces me that you can do a track with no vocal that rocks like a concrete banana and  this is it fucking hell, I am jerking around and trying to type at the same time as My body goes into uncontrollable Monkey spasms, and so we arrive at the final track a drunken mad moment, of crazy madness in a big old monkey package, this is a great Singalong and not much of a confession as everyone knows Monkeys love Booze  and so that’s it, end of there set, I think this is my favourite 2 sick monkeys recording so far,it’s a great mix both sound wise and song wise a bit of everything as they say, a lovely bunch of bananas.

So that’s it a split Cd with 2 bands both spewing forth Noise worth your attention for one small price, whether its hardcore riffage or Monkey mayhem or a blend of the 2 get ya lugholes round this

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