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Here Come The Meat Robots
November 17, 2012 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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Ok another female fronted Band I have heard the name of a lot, but not heard the band before, until now that is



So HERE COME THE MEAT ROBOTS begins with The Creature from the Black Lagoon and this is a great start a rockin rockabilly edged Punk slice of psychosis that gets into ya very core and has ya reaching for ya quiff comb.and track 2 Slasher Movie continues the same theme a gutsy female vocal leads the Band and the music backing Fi is growling and dripping with Punk.



leads us in a different direction this is like a Punk 45 bullet being blasted out of the Dragster Colt, fast and Feisty and a added level to the band

Kill Voodoo Kill and Weekend Punk

have us back in the Dragster Punk with its Rock n Roll riffs and snarling Zombified Mutant rhythm, that just gets under ya skin like a scalpel, neatly slicing away to the bone and riveting itself to you for Ever haha its good stuff is what that means.


Silent Violence

drifts through you like the Mist of Pain that lures the unsuspecting into the Pit and then skull fucks you and that’s what happens here the calm before the storm,caress and nurture and the chorus then cuts ya eyes out and feeds them to the wolves that are the Dragster crew, is there any let up??

Johnny Massacre

with a vocal reminiscent of early Beki Bondage this is another Dragster ditty with a almost religious under sound with Zombie choir and the scream of the Hell Harlot from below after that we are ready for a rest??


Here come the Meat Robots

hmmm feels and sounds really similar to the previous track but with out the catchy style and also without being new on your battered ears, this feels really average to me and its positioning right after a better version of itself makes it worse, so for me it’s a skipper Speed, whiskey, sex and rock’n’roll the riffs are better on this one but again it feels like the previous song a not so good version of Johnny Massacre for me this is disappointing after the Deep southern Hell spawn of the first seven creeping death tracks it seems to be slipping through my skeletal fingers…..But whats this? Oh thank you Father Death of the swamp for saving me from the flesh eaters with this the last offering Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs From Japan we are back on track this is the stuff Dragster Do so well and I love it very Punk Rock and Roll very Voodoo Rhythmed and very xxx certificate, top shelf,brown paper bag, sex mag Material.

The production is Great and the Cover artwork perfect for the Band a lot of thought and Evil has gone into this and I gotta say the result is Great I Love 8 of the 10 tracks so that’s a winner with me, If you are yet to take a trip to the Graveyard and hear Dragster then I suggest you do so Quick before your skin drops off and you can only think of Brains..Me I am off to catch me a slice of these Fuckers Live and in the Flesh, Get my Voodoo doll Groove on.

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