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July 19, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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A vast land lubbers, splice the main brace and yo ho ho, well if ya haven’t guessed were talking pirate, not bollocks, well sort of, but yea pirate, someone said to me recently of the East town pirates, that they were alright but a bit too piratey haha, well no shit, would of thought the name would of given it away if not all the pirate flags and eye patches, anyway, to the point of this rambling, having recently been sent via a strong eastern wind, a copy of the East town pirates first CD, whilst awaiting the arrival of the New CD (long story that will be explained in the review for the New CD) I spent many hours listening to the First CD(this one) and felt that even though its been out sometime a mini review was required, now mini because most people will probably have this CD and so I will be talking to the converted, but if like me you have seen the band live but not for whatever reason bought the CD then this will be of interest to you.

So what do you get for ya gold?

A well 13 piece of eight are what, and a nice booklet, with some good photos and words to the enclosed shanty’s, a plus point for me, as I always like the words if possible. The production and sound of the CD is well balanced and will hold its own against any other ships out there.

East Town Pirates We kick off with a fast paced Singalong Sea shanty full of all things pirate harr harr, its catchy, its gnarly and a great way to start, huge song, all cannons blast away under full sail 8.5/10

Mutiny  Pounding, rocking song this one, with everything you could want a bit of sleaze, a chunk of rock, a Singalong chorus, cant see why anyone would mutiny from this one, great rock n roll 8/10

Knife  Another slick rocker here, great drum and bass work coated in some nice rocking guitars and a gruff gritty vocal, in any other company this would be a scorcher but after the last 2 this drops slightly 7/10

The Ballad of Tobias Gill Oh for fucks sake you pirate bastards give me another big old skull and crossbones behemoth why don’t you, great story in the lyrics here all wrapped up in a pirate shanty of epic proportions, love the drop out section and the all guns blazing section after great stuff again 8.5/10

Murdertown rock n roll, bottle of Jack and all that, this feels a little cannon fodder to me, it’s a good rocking track but not raising my sails 6/10

Baby Strange  Drums lead us in to a sleazed up rocking tune, less gravel in the vocal and some great backing vocals on this shuffle, this is a whole lot of rock and adds a welcome friendly port in a storm nice little solo riff too 7.5/10

A Smugglers Song  as we all gather around the acoustic guitar leads us in, as the story is unrolled, vocal soft, woahs in the background, until we burst through into a chugging big old head raised high, feel good tune, and just in case you forgot how pirate these guys are there is a fantastic riff midway to get ya dancing round the deck 7.5/10

Ship Ahoy  From the first dampened notes, through the power building intro and into the stuttering Singalong verse you know ETP have something here, drool is starting to appear in the corner of my mouth and a cheeky smile is rolling as we hit the chorus, its gutsy and dark and I LOVE it, haha this has me searching the horizon for there ship so I can board and join the scurvy crew, best track I have heard by them so far and worth the doubloons they are asking for this, where’s my cutlass? and again another great little guitar riff/solo and a drop out its you turn to sing section, its too much I need grog harrharr 9.5/10

Little Things  how do you follow the previous track? well you try, this is an ok song, the verse is a little weak, but the chorus saves it, but its not on deck 5.5/10

Mr McGuiness  And the pirates are back, yo ho ho this is no dead mans chest, from the shanty guitar riff, rolling bass line, pounding drums, through to the vocals this is more upbeat pirate fair from the Ipswich boys 8/10

Given To Take  Rock n roll pure and simple and does nothing-wrong, nice little bass break 6/10

Broken Dreams  more nice work from the pirates here, fast paced and full of action, unrelenting and bountiful 7/10

All Going Down Together  Right last chest full and boy is it full, a sleazy, bluesy, gutsy mother fucker, rattles through the verses and builds to the more subtle than usual chorus, but it works well, the verse is where its at in this one, the guys really work like a ship under full sail here, and that smile is back, monstrous rocking way to finish. Leaves an I want more after taste 9/10

So there you go, a brief glimpse into this the First CD from East Town Pirates, for those of you that don’t have it, I suggest when you buy your copy of the New album you get this one too, what a gem

Right where’s me cutlass and me Parrot

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