CD Review

September 12, 2013 by Franx Torok

Cd details

Juno are a four piece punk rock band hailing from Leeds. They formed in 2008, and since then have taken the Leeds underground scene by storm.


The last couple of years has seen a few line-up changes, but nothing that could stop the Juno juggernaut. Following 2011‘s Counting Backwards Causes Explosions EP the band are set to release Answers EP this October. 

As soon as the play button is hit, an Alkaline Trio influence is apparent, from the dark punk sound. Something else that is immediately noticeable is the great quality of this recording. The bad have clearly put their all into this EP, and are again pushing themselves to up their game.

The whole EP feels very melancholic, with a Rise Against sound resonating on State Of Mind and We Fight, We Live. 

The title track has one helluva epic bass riff, and gang vocals that create a sense of anger that goes well with the dark instrumentals.

Juno have yet again proved themselves to be a great asset to the Leeds punk scene, and any fans of the darker side of punk rock/ pop punk (Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, etc) would be crazy to not check this band, and indeed this EP, out.