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March 2, 2013 by Woodstock Punk Rock

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7 track offering from Obnoxious UK is this a short album or a long Ep? I am not sure haha, just wondered, ok down to business


From the off there is a familiarity about this band, the music is punchy punkesque rock, yes reminds me of The Misfits in there early incarnations and that’s no bad thing, this song cracks along, its punchy rock feel with a lightly gravelled voice, like pebble dashing maybe haha, the vocals are great very reminiscing of a young Ricky Warwick if he had gone the punk way (ment as a compliment not a negative by the way) well paced and catchy and a decent opening track, certainly makes me want to listen on, and after all that’s the idea.

3 Dead souls

Jungle drums open this much lower paced number, thumping its way along, grizzley and grimy, again with the soled up snotty but clear vocal, the drums are much more prominent in this song and this unfortunately shows up the drum sound which for me seems lacking and a bit flat, and by midway through sadly I am starting to lose interest a little as its not got the class of the first track and I am drifting, I think it’s the chorus it just doesn’t do anything for me.

Loaded Roadkill

Bursting through the silence this track punches a hole in your head as it smacks the wall and runs on, driven along by the pounding engine room and bass marauder, the chugging (and we all know I am a sucker for some chugging), grinding guitars slashing hard, this is some good old fashioned heavy rock n roll, complete with a sweet little solo, this is a sweaty little Smokey bar track, dingey, dark with *** and blood on the floor, from a normal nights fun, its nice to hear a band who have put some rock in there music without going the metal way, strongest track so far and warrants some mental pit dancing.

Elvis is Dead

Opening with the start of a classic Elvis track, and done well I must say, I kind of wanted them to continue, but of course it breaks into a short reminder that Elvis is dead, fun and I am sure a well received live track, my only gripe is the line “died on the shithouse” for me shithouse is a word for the room not the bog haha so that line does slightly irritate me, but hey that’s just me, it’s a short sharp ditty and for that I will let the skid mark lye, its fuzzy and live sound gives it a great energy.

All Hallows Eve

Ok here we switch nicely between a faster paced verse, with cranked up rockage and a half speed chorus, catchy and simple, the whole lot works well together and slides in and out nicely, great melody and has that sense of uncertainty and fear that should be associated with All Hallows Eve, these guys seem to have managed to mix the rock the roll with a dark and evil edge with a salt and pepper crust of punk on top, very addictive and Powerful stuff.

Ginger is a Werewolf

A burst of punk rock guitar and in we go to a full on punk rocking roller, howling at the moon, this hairy beast is not only fun but this bite sized morsel is a steaming hot catchy little beast, its full of cliché and obvious lyrics but they do it so well, whats not to like? I want a sequel now to tell me what happened next haha, at first I thought this song was about Jacko but he isn’t that hairy, great stuff not obnoxious at all

Cadava Doll

Haha another cheery title, so macabre these guys, till you see em, like teddy bears with guitars, ok this is the last track on this CD and its another belter, and that’s exactly what the vocalist does he belts the fucker out, short sweet twisted little rotting, festering corpse, oozing pus and maggot riddled moments, this is enough to make the dead rise and the living die and a great end to the Cd, full on and louder than the dead.

Well there you go my first Obnoxious UK CD and I gotta say not what I was expecting, you see the name, you make a mental picture and then you listen and that is not what you get and I love that, this is a good band, banging out some great undead music, its punchy, its raw and its fun and you can feel and hear that they are giving you 100% and that my friends is what its all about.
I know this is quite an old Cd so hopefully most of you have it in your collection, but if like me you have only just come across this band then oh my fucking undead grandad you need to sort that, get your decomposing rotten hands on this now, It will get you harder than an Oak coffin…

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